Home-Use Water Boiler set to Launch in East Africa

UPDATE: The Jompy Launch Conference: Uganda scheduled for 10am on Tuesday 14 April is now fully booked. To ensure all interested parties have an opportunity to learn about this inventive, life-saving device, a second Launch Conference will now take place at 2.30pm on the same day.

Life-saving device is ready to roll-out across Uganda and Kenya with distributors and partners invited to learn more
Nairobi 2013 Informal networking dinner
An innovative device which will enable families to decontaminate drinking water as they cook is being launched in Uganda and Kenya this month.
Following the success of numerous test projects in locations throughout Africa, India and Oceania, the multi-award winning Jompy Water Boiler is set to roll-out across East Africa, with the device’s inventor travelling to Kampala and Nairobi to establish distribution channels across the territory.
David Osborne, the Scottish plumbing engineer behind the Jompy, will be hosting a launch conference in Uganda offering local businesses, distributers, wholesalers, retailers, aid agencies, NGOs and government bodies the opportunity to learn more about this device and it’s potential. David will then travel on to Nairobi for a series of meetings with interested parties in Kenya,
Now Technical Director of the Jompy’s development company Celsius Global Solutions, David invented the Jompy water boiler after spending much of his childhood in Africa where he saw first-hand the challenges of providing clean, safe water supplies. His invention has won numerous honours including the prestigious Siemens Stifling Empowering People Award and the prototype will soon be displayed in the National Museum of Scotland. The device meets 5 of the 8 Millenium Development goals set by the United Nations, and the team are members of the European Environment Foundation.
Lightweight, flexible and inexpensive, the Jompy is a fire top device which sits between cooking pots and an open flame. As households cook a meal, sitting the cooking pot on top of the Jompy, gravity pushes water passes through the device’s coiled metal tubing, heating it enough to kill 98% of waterborne bacteria, thereby making it safe to drink or for cooking or bathing. Near boiling water is produced within seconds, and as it works equally efficiently on stoves or simple three stone fires, the Jompy is suitable for both rural and urban dwellings.
A study undertaken by the University of Glasgow monitored the Jompy’s use in one Ugandan community. As well as proving the Jompy’s claims of eradicating E. coli (identified by the World Health Organisation as a primary indicator of pathogens), this test also demonstrated further practical benefits including the significant reduction of household fuel costs, time spent cooking and gathering firewood, and harmful smoke and carbon dioxide emissions in the home.
However, for the man behind the innovative device, these highly practical attractions of the Jompy are in insignificant compared with its ability to combat the spread of killer waterborne diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera and typhoid:
“The Jompy empowers local people to combat waterborne diseases in a simple, convenient manner which complements rather than complicates existing daily routines,” explains David Osborne, Technical Director of the Celsius Global Solutions, the company he established in 2010 to develop the Jompy across the world.
“This easy to use device takes the cultural norm of heating water for cooking, cleaning, washing and drinking in a pan over a heat source, and turns this into a life-saver with the added bonuses of freeing up time, lowering household fuel costs and reducing smoky emissions.
“Red Cross, Oxfam, Tearfund and similar organisations do amazing work and provide good systems. However, I don’t believe any have adequately addressed in-home water treatment at local, cultural level. For example, buckets and chlorine tablets are not the answer, especially for people with HIV or low immune systems. Jompy is different because it fits with the reality of everyday life and empowers local people to take control of providing clean water for themselves and their children. Plus, it creates provides opportunities for local entrepreneurs to distribute the product via our social enterprise rental model, whilst simultaneously raising funds for fund local education provision.
“The Jompy brings both immediate and long term impact, and I am thrilled to now be launching the Jompy in East Africa and look forward to meeting with distributors, wholesalers and aid agencies over the coming days to establish distribution channels throughout Uganda and Kenya.”
Interested parties are invited to attend the Jompy Launch Conferences at Kampala’s Speke Hotel on April Tuesday April 14th (2.30pm). As well as demonstrations of the product, the event will include opportunities for 1-to-1 meetings with the inventor himself, business pitches and the chance to explore the Jompy’s diverse aid, social and retail applications.
To find out more and/or register interest please contact dosborne@jompy.co.uk tel: 00441292 31814.
For video footage of the Jompy in action, go to http://jompy.co.uk/videos/

Jompy Launch Uganda: Invitation

Jompy Launch Uganda: Invitation


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